Play Online Lotto

Playing Lotto online is the popular activity of purchasing tickets via lottery sales agents or registering with an online syndicate. Most popular types of lotteries are the ones that are based on National Lottery games. You may also find some lotto’s on the internet that are not related to any government controlled body, but the number of such websites are small.

Purchasing Lotto Tickets online

The rules of the game when buying tickets online remain the same. The only difference is that you fill out and monitor your purchases via the website of the ticket provider.


  • □ You have the ability to choose from many of the worlds biggest lotteries without the need to reside in the country that the lottery is held.
  • □ All the administration and deductions are taken care of. You just collect your winnings via your members area.
  • □ It is an instant process.
  • □ No queuing for tickets.
  • □ Never miss a draw as it’s instant.


  • □ The cost is usually higher for the tickets. This is for the agents services.
  • □ Subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Joining a lottery syndicate.

The rules here remain the same apart from the ticket numbers as they are pre-determined by the syndicate you choose to join.


  • □ Huge increased odds of winning.
  • □ You are can usually play from anywhere in the world. (Some countries are restricted. You’ll need to read their T&G’s)
  • □ Set your budget and you’ll never miss a draw.
  • □ No queuing for your tickets


  • □ You share your winnings with the other players in the syndicate.
  • □ You are not able to choose the numbers for the syndicate.

Am I eligible to play Lotto online?

First of all you have to ascertain whether you can participate in the lottery of your choosing. The website of the government recognized lottery bodies are usually meant for the residents of that particular state or country.

There are only a few countries that accept players from abroad. These national websites are great places for the local people, since winnings and income taxes are handled within the boundaries of the country.

With independent lottery sales agents providing tickets and results, it is possible to participate in lottery games beyond the boundaries of most countries. Most of the time these agents handle the participation as well as winnings and can assist or even advise customers on the winning procedures and associated taxes.

If you know the rules of the game and your local laws, then and only then, should you take part in a lottery online. Eligibility is an issue of knowledge and planning rather than an issue of geographies or even technology.

How to stay safe while playing lotto online

  1. 1. Only purchase the tickets from websites you trust. If you are unsure about a website, do your homework to check that it’s legitimate. This means studying the terms of service and privacy policies of the website, contacting the website straight (via email or toll-free number} to determine whether it is a valid lottery website.
  2. 2. Unfortunately, there isn’t any “Better Business Bureau” specifically for online lottery sites. However, you can determine if a website is actually legitimate by simply searching the internet for reviews of that website. There are also several online discussion boards where online lotto players can communicate with one another and report issues about any particular lottery site. Research can go a long way to ensure you aren’t ripped off by a dishonest website.
  3. 3. Always keep your bank information and passwords private. Make sure you don’t disclose it to anybody (especially over the internet) the password you have chosen should be hard for others to guess.
  4. 4. After you have purchased lotto tickets online, make sure that you close the session on the computer you are using, especially if you’re making use of a public computer.
  5. 5. Make sure you follow all rules and regulations of the web site. On many lotto websites players must be above 18 years of age to participate and purchase tickets.
  6. 6. If an online lottery website seems disreputable or questionable, stick to sites you know about, irrespective of how highly recommended the website is by other lotto players.